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ICSE, ISC & CBSE Board Papers & Sample Test Papers

Student Assistant website is an attempt to get a lot of question papers, board papers and sample papers, from various sources at one place so that students can solve them and practice them for better results.

An attempt is also made to provide mathematics solutions, available to all students of ICSE and CBSE boards in India and is completely free for all. Actually, any K12 student can benefit from these resources.

We believe, right to education is a fundamental right for all children. This website is an attempt to help educate all school students across India and the globe.

However, science is science, and hence all students across the globe could benefit for all the solutions provided here.

This is an attempt by like minded people to make knowledge available to all for free. In case you find an error or have a better way of solving mathematics problems, please write back to us with all the right details so that we can fix the issue.

The objective is to make the content, already available in books and on the internet, presented in a simple manner which students can leverage on their own.

If you have Math content to be shared on our website, please send it across to us. We will publish that with your name as the contributor.

Also, this website does not ask for you to register, provide your email address, phone number etc. You can just use all the material as per your convenience. We have tried to give the student a clean self learning experience.

Enjoy your studies.

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